Tech Build Winter 2016

Photos taken by students in the OregonBILDS course.

Jan 7th.

Students head out to the site for the first time.  The concrete foundation was in place and students started out by working on site management spreading gravel as well as mulch.

Jan 12th.

Students started working on framing the floor as well as the walls of the garage.  The floor joists were finished and the garage walls lifted into place.

Jan 14th.

Students continued working on exterior sheathing and installing the subfloor.  MEP sub-contractors had installed piping for plumbing and electrical.

Jan 19th.

With the subfloor completed students worked on the framing and lifting of the exterior walls.

Jan 21st.

Students continued working on framing and lifting the exterior walls.  Students learned how to properly construct a double stud wall.

Jan 22nd.

With the exterior frame and sheathed, students worked on framing and lifting the interior partition walls.  With one of the nicest days of the season the work flew by!


Jan 28th.

Students worked on putting in the roof rafters that were built off site.


Feb 2nd.

Students worked on the roof sheathing as well as preparing the form-work for the concrete planters.


Feb 4th.

Students started to grade in preparation for the concrete to be poured.  The planters and rebar was put into place as well.


Feb 5th.

Concrete was delivered on site and students worked on pouring and leveling the planters.


Feb 9th.

The manufactured trusses arrived and students worked on getting them up and into the house.