Oregon BILDS  draws on the inter-disciplinary skills of both the students and the faculty at the University of Oregon and at Lane Community College to offer exceptional design-build opportunities. Working as a cohesive team, the organization partners with the community to design and construct integrated, sustainable, and affordable housing.

street perspective


OregonBILDS has the vision to become a leading and internationally influential collegiate residential design-build program.  After establishing a record of success, the organization plans to make its program model available to other colleges and universities.  Eventually, OregonBILDS plans to host a growing network of empowered students and faculty at a national conference for design-build programs.  This collaborative opportunity will strengthen each program through a collective exchange of experiences and best practices.

Site Plan


1.  To become a national leader in collegiate residential design build

2.  To provide affordable homes here in the Eugene community

3.  To explore the opportunities within sustainable design, construction, and development

4.  To teach students best practices