WALL SECTIONOregonBILDS creates residential design-build opportunities for students by offering sequential design studios and tech-build hands-on seminars. These classes are derived from the existing curriculum at the  U of O School of Architecture and Allies Arts and allow students to move in and out of the program as classes integrate with their other studies. Thus, a student could engage in a building seminar first and then employ the experience gained into a design studio, a design studio or a building seminar could be the only experience, or a design studio could precede a building seminar.   The sequence, taught by Professor Rob Thallon, gives students the opportunity to practically engage the entirety of the building process. Concurrent classes at LCC are integrated with the U of O courses.

The annual cycle begins in the fall with a studio focused on site design and building design. The studio’s final product is a set of permit drawings to be submitted to the City of Eugene for approval over winter break.  Concurrent fall classes at LCC focus on blueprint reading, building codes, and budgeting.

bobbyprintConstruction commences at the beginning of winter term with students enrolled in a tech-build hands-on seminar. This class, co-taught by Professor Thallon and a licensed building contractor, will be constructing the basic frame of the building while also developing details to be built later on. Some components of the building may be prefabricated this term in the LCC fabrication workshop.  Landscape features and details will be developed this term in a tech Landscape Architecture studio.

Oregon Bilds II_March 20 2013_SnetsingerIn the spring term, another tech-build hands-on seminar will complete the project accompanied by a tech-build landscape seminar.  Students in this class will work on the job site utilizing it as a laboratory for experiential learning.  Students will join material, develop building envelopes, grade landscape, lay infrastructure, and assemble building systems.


Take a look at p. 8 of the AAA review to get a more indepth look at the OregonBILDS curriculum.  You can follow the link below.

AAA review 2012-2013