The OregonBILDS program makes many more connections beyond UO and LCC students and faculty.  Its growth is ultimately envisioned to included connections with national and international design communities.

Already in our first year, we are grateful for the many incredible companies, agencies, and individuals who have generously supported and participated in fulfilling our mission.  These champions have invested in our success by providing financial support, professional guidance, skilled labor and building materials.  Each donation contributes to the advancement of higher education, the encouragement of students’ future professional successes, and the enrichment of our local community.

Thank you OregonBILDS champions!

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UO MEYER FUND – Lead Champion

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The T&J Meyer Family Foundation’s mission is to alleviate human suffering through effective and sustainable giving, they primarily focus on education, health and the environment.

The UO fund for a sustainable environment provided the initial lead grant to support professor Rob Thallon’s research and development of the OregonBILDS program.

HACSA logoHACSA:  Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County

HACSA, the second largest housing authority in Oregon, is committed to providing safe, affordable, and energy efficient housing for low income families, elderly citizens and persons with disabilities.  They provide housing and support services to folks through Lane County.

HACSA has generously donated the Hope Loop site for development over the coming several years.  This project represents a coming together of shared visions of sustainable and affordable housing.

Lease Crutcher Lewis:

lease crutcher lewis

Lease Crutcher Lewis (LCL) is a major commercial contracting firm.  Though operating at a different scale,the people of LCL value community investment.  As such, they are eager supporters of OregonBILDS’ educational and community enrichment agendas.

In addition to generous financial support,  LCL has allowed OregonBILDS to give a new life to an old F-150 pickup that they recently retired.

Pacific Northwest RegionalNWRCC

Council of Carpenters

The Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters represents over 20,000 Carpenter craft men and women in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska. 

The NWRCC’s generous donations helped OregonBILDS to get up and off the ground.  They understand the importance of helping us, a future generation of builders, learn how to build properly and well.  They are advocates for dignity in labor, fair pay, safe working conditions, and secure retirement.

Don Prohaska and Associates:


Don Prohaska and Associates (D/P/A) provides technical advisory services to the commercial real estate lender and investor communities.  D/P/A offers due diligence, project management and expert witness and litigation support services.

D/P/A supports OregonBILDS through both financial donations and advisory services

Gerding Edlen:gerdin Edlin

Gerding Edlen creates vibrant, sustainable and inspiring places where people can work, learn and live. They believe that people are increasingly interested in living more meaningful lives.  They work with researchers, architects, designers, engineers and contractors to create compelling residential, educational and commercial places.

Gerding Edlen has taken an interest in OregonBILDS’ efforts to explore the relationship between sustainable building practices and the production of affordable houses.

NEDCO:  Neighborhood  Economic Development Corporation

NEDCO logo

NEDCO is a private, non-profit Community Development Corporation that has a history of helping neighborhoods and family’s build assets through home ownership, neighborhood revitalization, and business development.

NEDCO consults during the OregonBILDS design studio to help students understand the targets and conditions of affordable housing development.  NEDCO assists qualifying first time home buyers through both educational programming and institutional savings plans.

Eugene City LogoThe City of Eugene:

The City of Eugene is very supportive of the OregonBILDS development project.  City officials work with students to help them understand the complexities of and the regulations relating to residential building projects.  In particular,  the Land Use and Planning Departments have been instrumental in visualizing an appropriate development strategy.

EWEB logo

EWEB:  Eugene Water and Electric Board

EWEB is Eugene’s not for profit water and electric utility.  Their staff works closely with OregonBILDS students to teach how to connect buildings to utility services.

EWEB additionally helps students to build digital energy models of their designs.  This helps them to optimize their systems while also anticipating the home’s projected energy needs.

We are thankful for the support that we have received from the Eugene contracting community.  Each of these champions has helped us find success this year.