Tech Build Winter 2015

March 28th

It was a successful Winter course and students will pick up in the spring term.

March 20th

Students kept working on the exterior paint.

March 13th

Students worked on putting in under-floor insulation in the crawlspace.

March 12th,

Students were finishing up exterior work and enjoying the beautiful weather!

March 3rd

Drywall was delivered and the blown in insulation was complete.  Beautiful weather made for good conditions to continue on the exterior.

Feb 28th.

Insulation netting was installed and the siding process continues.

Feb 26th.

Students continued on the siding, paying special attention to the corners and around the windows.  Others completed the blocking on the interior in preparation for the insulation.

Feb 21st.

Students attended a workshop that showed all the progress of the exterior siding.

Feb 17th.

The siding was delivered and students started to work on the East side of the house.  Others worked on sealing up the interior of the house.

Feb 17th.

With the stairs completed students worked on getting the interior ready.  It was hard work maneuvering and getting the stairs into place.

Feb 10th.

Students worked on the building wrap and construction of the porch.  With the windows installed the wrap went up quickly and progress was underway.

Feb 4th.

With the completion of the roof, students worked on blocking for the stairs as well as starting to create the connection from the garage roof to the porch.

Jan 29th.

Students put the finishing touches on the interior roof and exterior sheathing.  There was work on the roof as well as blocking for the tub and shower.

Jan 27th.

Roof trusses came in as well as the tub and shower.  It was exciting watching the trusses get lifted onto the roof and in the afternoon they were put into place.

Jan 22nd.

Students completed the sub floor and started to frame the second story exterior walls.

Jan 21st.

Students finished the blocking in the second floor and started to put the sub floor on.

Jan 20th.

Students placed the glulam beams in and started to place the floor joists for the second floor.

Jan 15th.

The last walls of the first floor went up.  A large crew lifted the longest wall and soon the students will start on the second floor.

Jan 14th.

With the garage walls up, the next step was to work on the exterior walls of the house.

Jan 13th

With all the joists in and properly spaced, next came the sub floor and the building of exterior walls.  The day ended with the exciting process of raising the walls.

Jan 8th.

First day on site had students putting in hangers and floor joists.  A full crew allowed for others to build the garage walls.

Jan 5th.

Before students arrived on site, the foundations were excavated and poured.