MAY 25, 2014

Last week Friday the house underwent a blower door test, which measures a building’s airtightness.  A powerful fan is attached into the frame of a door and sealed off; the fan then pulls air out of the house, which also pulls air from the exterior through any of the cracks in the house.  This test detects any leaks and determines the air infiltration rate of a home.  We passed the test!

We have made a lot of headway upstairs and we are beginning to shift our focus downstairs.  We are directing our efforts towards assembling and installing cabinets and countertops.  The countertops in the kitchen have been installed and sanded; our next step is to laminate the wood.  We have fabricated a fridge box to hide the exposed mechanical fixtures of the appliance.  The difficulty with the fridge box was aligning the trim of the back door with the box and a neighboring cabinet.  Although it was a small design feature we are quite pleased with the results, sometimes it’s the smallest details that really bring a room together. Another pleasant feature of the kitchen is the breakfast bar located near the living room.  The breakfast bar is located next to a South facing window, allowing daylight to shed onto the countertop.  The vanities in the bathrooms are being prepared for plumbing and the sinks to be installed.


This week we worked on painting and installing the interior doors.  The upstairs closet doors have been installed with the curtain rods and shelves as well.  We are hoping by next Tuesday the upstairs shelving will be completed, including the master bedroom’s walk in closet.


The landscaping materials have slowly been making its way to the site this week. The fencing posts have begun to be installed and the back pavers have made significant progress.  It’s been a struggle to keep them level throughout the process. The concrete was poured for the sidewalk and driveway, we also made a plastic stamp of the new Oregon BILDS logo for the concrete.

The OSB floors were exposed for a brief moment! Sanding the breakfast bar Kitchen Stool Acrylic concrete stamp of the Oregon BILDS logo Landscaping has begun Fridge box Installing the structure for the breakfast bar Biscuit joint Todd teaching the students how to detail the breakfast bar Painting the trim of the fridge box Touching up the staircase IMG_1352 Air tight house Master bedroom view with a stack of interior doors waiting to be installed Todd and Rob explaining the installation of one of the vanities in the bathroom

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