MAY 18, 2014

We are really kicking it into high gear on the site and in our Oregon BILDS wood shop on campus.  We have compiled a tasks list and students are volunteering to complete at least one task.  There are a lot of small projects keeping us all busy through out the house.


Construction of the master shelving assembly has begun.  The shelving composition creates a wide range of compartment sizes for storage.  The cabinets are installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, upstairs and downstairs.  A specialist came in on Tuesday to install the bathroom linoleum; it was a great learning experience for all the students.  A few people shoveled gravel to redistribute the excess, from the driveway apron area to the sidewalk and back step formwork, so that we could save on the amount of concrete needed.  The front porch and back porch steps were poured with concrete this week, a very cool process some of the crewmembers were able to participate in.  Things are finally coming to a close at the house, with finishing touches on the trim paint and installation of built in furniture.


This past Friday the house was cleaned in preparation for some news reporters.  The media will hopefully help us promote the Oregon BILDS program and inform other about this specific project.


Interior measurements Always checking back to the plans Still working on interior trim Nailing the plywood in the bathroom Linen storage space A specialist teaching us how to install linoleum Our leader, Rob Thallon, in the neighboring field Master Shelving Front porch Back porch Entrance to the house

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