MAY 11, 2014

Due to this week’s weather we were forced to remain indoors for a good portion of the mornings, the rain was a little bipolar throughout the days.  We were able to do a lot of paint touch ups, trim work, and the installation of cabinets.  The painters are doing a great, clean job along the trim!  The kitchen’s cabinets are coming along; they are mounted and installed in the kitchen with plumbing and vent cut outs.  The vanities are assembled in the two bathrooms: the downstairs bathroom has an IKEA cabinet and the upstairs bathroom has custom vanities similar to the modern IKEA style.  The linen closet cabinets were built at the University of Oregon and are ready to be transported to the site.


Now there is a covered entrance to the crawl space under the stairs, and all the floorboards are installed.  A few brave crewmembers took on the daunting task of insulating and caulking the entire crawl space underneath the house.


We were able to finish up the exterior lap siding on the garage and entryway when there was a bit of sun exposure.  We’re expecting a busy upcoming week with more shelving units ready to be installed.

Cutting floorboards Installing the panels above the entryway More trim work ....and more trim work Craft is in the details

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