MAY 4, 2014


It’s been a week since the last update and a lot of the exterior work has been completed.  The 4’x8’ siding panels have gone up over the garage and around the front porch.  After a few complications with the staining work of these panels, we were finally ready to install them.  Each piece was precisely cut to fit snuggly around the entry and drilled, before being applied to the exterior, to maintain a consistent nailing pattern.  Since the exterior is nearing completion there is only one set of scaffolding remaining, and excavations can commence next week.


The flooring has been installed downstairs!  We still need to sand and put on a coat of polyurethane but a lot of progress was made within the past week. The trim work and painting upstairs is close to completion.  The details of the interior are slowly coming along, including the addition of a linen closet upstairs.  Some of the cabinets are installed in the kitchen, upstairs and downstairs bathroom.  Hopefully the bedrooms will be completed this upcoming week and we can focus on the downstairs areas.

Street view of our house Cutting the floor boards Installing the cabinets Assembling the kitchen cabinets Installing the drywall Detail work in the beige bedroom SouthWest facades of the house Sanding and painting the interior doors Cutting the siding Applying the siding panels

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