APRIL 27, 2014

We have returned to the Oregon BILDS house this Spring term! There was a little work done during the break to continue the momentum, professionals were hired to install the drywall and apply the textured spray on the walls.  But on March 31st a new crew was introduced to the Oregon BILDS house.  Once everyone had become familiar with the design, site, and tools we quickly started to work.  We finished applying the horizontal strip siding on all facades of the house and began painting the exterior walls.

The interior details have commenced the first week of the term.  The walls were primed and painted an assortment of colors.  The crew has worked on the interior’s trim work for a couple of weeks and will hopefully install and paint all the trim work by next week.

The cabinet’s for the kitchen were recently purchased from IKEA and are ready for installation.  The simplicity and flushed cabinet doors give it a modern, sleek look.

The downstairs flooring will be 2’x8’ strips of OSB; each panel was cut down in the shop to ensure consistency and to remove the manufacturer’s edge coating.  A layer of flooring adhesive was troweled on beneath each flooring section.  This allows for less required nailing and for a more solid finished product.

Applying the exterior siding  Painting the East facadeReaching those high spotsDetailed paintingKeeping the edges cleanExterior paintingInstalling the flooringTrimming the floor boards

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